¿Why using ADS Mexicana?

Because of being the most advanced technology in drainage systems.


¿Why using ADS N-12?

Because it is the only high density polyethylene pipe with corrugated outside and smooth inside, totally certified, made in Mexico.


¿Why to choose ADS Mexicana?

Because of it hydraulic efficiency, having a smooth inside increases its flow velocity efficiency reducing the diameters needed or modify the proyect slope.

50 years guaranteed abrasion resistance.


¿Why is it indestructible?

Because of being chemically inert and having a high chemical resistance with a PH spectrum from 1.25 to 14.


¿Why is it black?

To prevent its degradation by UV solar beams. It can be stored outdoors.


¿Why is it light weight?

So it could be transported, carried, and installed easier and faster.


¿Why is it tight?

Because of its pin-hood coupling, it guarantees 100% no leaks, this prevents groundwater organic contamination.


¿Why is it made of high density polyethylene?

Because, together with ADS Technology, it is hydrophobic and ensures 100% of its utilization for life.


¿Why is it corrugated by the outside?

To give structural strength and with a filling of 30 cm. above the pipe, it resists the passage of heavy traffic, plus rough handling and crushing excessive force without fracturing.


¿Why does it comes in 6.10 meter pieces?

To make its handling standard and according to transport measurements, maximizing this resource, which turns into fewer joints and higher yields of installation.


¿Why having a green stripe?

So it could be identify as an ADS product with 100% quality.


¿Why is it certified (CNA, LAPEM e ISO 9001)?

Because of its fabrication quality, meets all the standards for high density polyethylene.


¿Why does ADS Mexicana manufactures red pipes (Conduit)?

Because it requires no formwork and ensures a 50% saving in electric underground networks.


¿Why is it profitable to use ADS N-12?

Because finished work guarantees savings of 25%, 3 times the life and complete a work in half the time scheduled.


¿Why consume ADS?

Because encourage Mexico's growth.


¿Why working with ADS Mexicana?

Because of its nationwide coverage in products and services, manufacturing diameters going from 2” to 60”.